Traveller – A Ríona Kilbride novel

A New Adult story of overcoming loss and learning to accept your truth.

Ríona isn’t out yet. Even to her best friend. She wants nothing more than to leave her small, rural farm life but when she finds her perfect escape, she also finds the perfect reason to stay: her best friend’s cousin.


Sometimes finding yourself means leaving yourself behind.

Ríona has yearned to escape her small rural Nebraska farm. She has dreamt of the day she could travel the world to find her place within it. Just her and her father’s fiddle. That was before her mother’s diagnosis.

Her first love ends in a gut-wrenching betrayal that makes her question ever trusting her secret to anyone ever again. Only a few months before graduation her mother suddenly passes away. Now she has to face the terrifying reality that she once again no longer has a home. She is lost and all alone.

One night, she stumbles across an old Volkswagen Bus and realises it could make her dream come true. When she meets Tomi, the strong, handsome mechanic with a tragic past of her own. Ríona realises she must learn to accept who she is before she can hope to find where she belongs.


“The detail in this book blows me away! Ms Page takes the reader on a journey of discovery that just pulls you right in.. The authors personal life and experience is astounding.. All of this leads this reader to cheer her on and greatly look forward to the continuation of this story and many more! Bravo!” – Susan

“Caitriona Page did a fantastic job with how she wrote this book. The characters personalities were vivid and varied, plus the ending was very heartwarming.” – Lyle

“First things first, I really liked this book. I like Ríona and her journey to finding and accepting herself. I like Jordan, I like Tomi, I even liked Zach, Jordan’s asshole brother, by the end. I also liked the writing a lot. There’s something languid about it, something poetic and different. It’s rather beautiful but it took some getting used to.” – Jude in the Stars

“I love the Irish and anything that goes with it. There were many different types of relationships in this story of self-discovery, all kept me entertained. This new author has amazing potential and a great talent for story telling. An eye will be open for any future books by them.” – Char